Delivery / Catering

The wonder of our meal, in small doses.

Enjoy your private celebrations without having to cook, with our cuisine’s quality and taste & home delivery.  Our finger-food skewers menu will make your celebration a success.

Check our catering menus from €10.

Option Nº1

2 slices of bread with tomato and Iberian ham
2 “Montaditos” with Manchego cheese
1 Complete miniburguer
2 Potato and onion tortilla portions
2 Portioned homemade pizzas
2 Russian salad roll skewers with ham

€10 per person

Note / suggestion: If it is not a main meal order 40% less quantities.

Option Nº2

Choose what you prefer and the amounts you consider.


Potato and onion omelette “Montadito” €0,80
Homemade chicken and ham croquettes €1,00
Iberian ham “Montaditos” €0,80
Complete mini burger €2,00
Bread skewers with Russian salad & ham roll €1,80
Mini sirloin steak sandwich €2,50
Spoon of marinated salmon tartar with guacamole €2,00
Grilled vegetables salad with anchovy skewers €1,80
Mozarella with cherry tomato and basil skewers €2,00
Mini sandwiches (20 units tray) €32,00
Homemade portionated pizzas €1,50
Fruit with hazelnut chocolate skewer €1,20
Homemade Red velvet walnut cakes with cheese frosting €25,00
Our carrot cake €25,00
Sacher cake €25,00


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Christmas events (lunch and dinner)