L’Oucomballa’s familiy si well aware of the importance of leaving a positive mark on our society, at all levels:

L’Oucomballa collaborates with “Soñar Despierto”

foundation with presence in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia and Seville

For more than a decade “Soñar Despierto” collaborates with the reception centers where minors who, for various reasons, have had to be separated from their families and have come to be protected by the govern, live.

The main objective of “Soñar Despierto” is to ensure that all of them have the same opportunities as other children of their age, regardless of the circumstances they have experienced.

At the environmental level we work in several aspects:

  • We are not generating waste.
  • We have stopped consuming water in  plastic bottles, we have installed the most modern reverse osmosis system that leads to an increase in the quality of the water (purified, remineralized, with a balanced PH and without plastic particles or chemical substances) and the non-generation of waste.
  • The rest of plastic materials of daily consumption are being replaced by their recyclable equivalents, made of biodegradable fibers.
  • We are committed to zero kilometer raw materials, acquired from producers in the area, in collaboration with Parc Agrari del Baix Llobregat.