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Tapes – “El gust de compartir”

Prices with VAT included

Our ‘bravas’ potatoes

Alérgeno huevoSojaSulfitosApioTrazas SésamoTrazas Mostaza

4,80 €

Russian salad south style with tuna belly and fried quail eggs


9,50 €

Payoyo cheese in slate Stone with mango marmelade and bread spikes


11,00 €

Iberian ham platter with its toasted coca bread with tomato

GlutenSojaTrazas Frutos SecosTrazas Sésamo

15,80 €

Steamed mussels


10,50 €

Donax clams at the pan with Green oil


13,00 €

Nachos with meat chilli, guacamole, cheedar cheese, sour cream and ‘pico de gallo’


8,50 €

Korean-style fried chicken tenders

GlutenPescadoSojaSésamoMoluscosTrazas HuevoTrazas Leche

9,00 €

Iberian  ham and roasted chicken croquettes

GlutenAlérgeno huevoMoluscosTrazas ApioTrazas MostazaTrazas Sésamo

8,00 €

Fried squids andalusian style with kimchy mayonnaise

GlutenAlérgeno huevoPescadoMoluscos

9,80 €

Creamy cod fitters with garlic alioli sauce

GlutenPescadoLecheTrazas ApioTrazas MostazaTrazas Sésamo

8,00 €

Fried baby squids andalusian style


12,00 €

Mini crispy rice, spinach and cheese burgers with babaganoush tomato sauce and vegetable spatter

Alérgeno huevoLecheSésamoTrazas ApioTrazas Mostaza

10,50 €

Eggplant rolls stuffed with mushrooms, ricotta and tomato fry with Japanese mayonnaise and cashew nuts

GlutenAlérgeno huevoSojaLecheMostazaFruits secs

10,50 €

“Manda huevos” !!!

Prices VAT included

Broken eggs with potatoes and iberian ham

Alérgeno huevo

10,50 €

Broken eggs with potatoes and chorizo

Alérgeno huevoSojaLeche

10,00 €

Pissed off eggs (with potatoes and brava sauce)

Alérgeno huevoSojaSulfitosTrazas ApioTrazas MostazaTrazas Sésamo

9,50 €

To start

Prices VAT included

Neapolitan spaghetti with fresh basil and parmesan cloud

GlutenLecheAlérgeno huevo

10,00 €

Penne Bolognese

GlutenAlérgeno huevoLecheApiSulfitos

10,00 €

Tuna tartar with Straw potatoes, lacy eggs and salmon roe

Alérgeno huevoPescadoMostazaSulfitosMoluscos

14,00 €

Our L’Oucomballa Steak tartar


15,00 €

Cream of the day


7,00 €


Prices VAT included

Porcini risotto with truffle, parmesan flakes and Iberian ham salt


12,00 €

Paella (on request)


15,00 €/ pers.

Chidren’s menu

Prices VAT included

Chicken milanese, french fries and neapolitan

GlutenAlérgeno huevoLeche

10,50 €

Croquettes, french fries and neapolitan pasta

GlutenAlérgeno huevoLecheTrazas MostazaTrazas Sésamo

10,50 €


Prices VAT included


lettuce, tomato, tuna belly, avocado, red onion, sweet corn, olives, asparagus, hard-boiled egg and cucumber.

PescadoAlérgeno huevo

11,00 €

Burrata salad

Arugula, basil, burrata, pine nut vinaigrette, candied cherry tomatoes, Parmesan and accompanied by pita bread.

GlutenLecheFruits secsSulfitosCacahuetesSojaTrazas Sésamo

11,50 €

Hawaiian poke bowl

Salmon, red tuna, sushi rice, mango, avocado, cucumber, and edamame with mirin & sesame vinaigrette.


12,00 €

Royal red quinoa poke bowl

With marinated chicken, avocado, cherry tomato, fresh cheese, mango, red onion, quail eggs and lemon vinaigrette.

Alérgeno huevoLecheSulfitosMostaza

11,00 €

Grilled Hass Avocado

With Young Cilantro Pesto, Vegetable Salpicón and Feta Cheese.


10,00 €


Prices VAT included

Our tripe with cap-i-pota and Basque chilli

LecheSojaSulfitosSésamoTrazas ApioTrazas Mostaza

9,00 €

Old beef ribeye meatballs with granny’s sauce

GlutenAlérgeno huevoLecheSulfitos

13,00 €

Beefy veal with Priorat’s wine reduction sauce, spiced pumpkin puree and yucca chips

ApioSulfitosTrazas MostazaTrazas GlutenTrazas Sésamo

15,50 €


Prices VAT included

Skewer hake supreme in green sauce with clam vinaigrette, wild asparagus and ham powder


15,50 €

Grilled Icelandic cod fillet au gratin with black garlic allioli and textured roasted peppers


16,00 €

Grilled salmon supreme with Thai-style vegetable noodles


14,00 €

Bluefin tuna tataki with Thai-style vegetable noodles


15,00 €

Grilled meat

Prices VAT included


12,50 €

Costella de Entrecot de vaca gallega madurada

18,00 €

Skirt steak with chimichurri sauce

15,00 €

Iberian prey

16,00 €

Choose your garnishment

French fries and Padrón’s peppers

SulfitosGreen salad

Suteed vegetable wok

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