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Our Lifelong Tapas

Prices with VAT included

Iberian ham


16,80 €

“Married couple” of 0,0 anchovies and “boquerones del Cantábrico” with chips and stuffed olives

PescadoSulfitsTraces CrustacisTraces LletTraces Frutos Secos

9,50 €

Semi-cured payoyo cheese from Cádiz


11,00 €

Our “bravas” L’Oucomballa potatoes

Alérgeno huevoSojaSulfitsTraces ApiTrazas MostazaTraces Sèsam

5,30 €

Creamy Iberia ham and chicken croquettes (6 units)

GlutenAlérgeno huevoLecheTraces ApiTraces LletTraces Sèsam

8,00 €

Southern-style Russian salad with white tuna, shrimp and ‘regañás’

GlutenCrustaceosAlérgeno huevoPescado

9,50 €

Natxos with chicken, cheddar sauce, pico de gallo and guacamole

SojaLecheTraces Api

9,60 €

Iberian ham, mozzarella and truffle sandwich

GlutenLecheSojaTraces Frutos SecosTraces SèsamTraces Mol·luscs

8,50 €

Cod and butifarra del perol fritters with sweet chili and lime sauce
(4 units)

GlutenPescadoLecheTrazas ApioTrazas MostazaTrazas Sésamo

8,00 €

Korean-style fried chicken tenderloins

GlutenPescadoSojaSèsamMoluscosTraces OuTraces Llet

9,50 €

Andalusian Frying

Prices with VAT included

Andalusian style squids with Korean mayonnaise

GlutenAlérgeno huevoPescadoMoluscos

12,00 €

Andalusian baby squids


14,00 €

Green Tapas

Prices with VAT included

Lacquered fried green tomatoes with sweet chili sauce, ricotta and pico de Gallo

GlutenAlérgeno huevoLeche

10,00 €

Roasted carrots with fine herbs with baba ganoush, Genovese and Parmesan

LecheFruits secsSèsamTrazas GlutenCacahuetesSojaTrazas ApioTrazas MostazaTraces Sulfits

9,50 €

Aubergine rolls stuffed with mushrooms and ricotta with fried tomato, Japanese mayonnaise and cashew nuts

GlutenAlérgeno huevoSojaLecheFruits secsMostaza

10,50 €

Chickpeas in red curry with cauliflower, avocado and lime couscous

GlutenPeixSojaFruits secsSèsam

10,50 €

Soup of the day with garlic bread

(Check allergens)

7,50 €

KM0 Salads

Prices with VAT included

Our L’Oucomballa salad to share

Cherry tomatoes, quail eggs, avocado, cucumber, corn, carrots, olives, Figueras’ onions and white tunna.

PescadoAlérgeno huevo

12,50 €

Goat cheese salad

with pears in wine, walnuts and honey vinaigrette

LecheFruits secsMostassaSulfits

12,00 €

Burrata salad

with arugula, salmorejo, iberian ham, Genovese pesto, kalamata olive powder and toast

GlutenLecheFruits secs

13,50 €

Fresh and Light Dishes

Prices with VAT included

Poke bowl with red tuna,

salmon, edamame, mango, cherry tomatoes, avocado and cucumber with sesame vinaigrette


13,90 €

Black quinoa poke bowl,

marinaded chicken, avocado, cherry tomatos, fresh cheese, mango, red cabbage and lemon vinaigrette


12,00 €

Tuna tartar

with straw potatoes, fried egg and salmon roe

Alérgeno huevoPescadoMostazaSulfitsMoluscos

14,00 €

Our sirloin steak tartare

with Pont Neuf potatoes and arugula

GlutenAlérgeno huevoPescadoMostazaSulfits

15,00 €

Roasted Sweet Potato

with Feta Cheese, Pomegranate, Walnuts and Honey Lime Vinaigrette

LecheFruits secsMostassaSulfits

10,50 €

“Manda Huevos” (eggs Free-Range!!!)

Prices with VAT included

Broken eggs with potatoes and Iberian ham

Alérgeno huevo

11,20 €

Pissed off eggs (with potatoes and brava sauce)

Alérgeno huevoSojaSulfitosTrazas ApioTrazas MostazaTrazas Sésamo

9,80 €

Fried eggs with a crisp golden edging and garlic prawns with their alliolli

Alérgeno huevoCrustaceos

12,00 €

Our Classics

Prices with VAT included

Boletus carbonara risotto with bacon salt and truffle

LecheSulfitosAlérgeno huevoTraces Mol·luscs

12,50 €

Spaghetti bolognese with a parmesan cloud


11,50 €

Beefy veal cheek in Oporto wine V 2.0 with mashed sweet potato with toasted butter and baby spinach

GlutenAlérgeno huevoSulfitosTrazas ApioTrazas MostazaTrazas Sésamo

17,00 €

Beef tenderloin with Café Paris sauce

GlutenAlérgeno huevoSojaLletFruits secsApiMostassaSèsamSulfits

23,00 €

Our tripe with cap-i-pota

SojaLletSèsamSulfitsTraces ApiTraces Mostassa

11,50 €

Iberian prey with mushrooms stew

GlutenAlérgeno huevoFruits secsSulfits

15,00 €


Prices with VAT included

Grilled squids with green mashed roasted potatoes


15,50 €

Cod loin with sanfaina


17,50 €

Grilled salmon supreme
with Thai-style vegetable noodles

GlutenPescado SojaLecheSulfitsMol·luscs

15,50 €

Bluefin tuna tataki with Thai-style vegetable wok


16,00 €

Grilled Meats

Prices with VAT included


16,00 €

25 days matured Girona’s beef entrecote chop

18,50 €

Iberian prey

16,50 €

Skirt steak

16,00 €

Chose your garnish

French fries and Padrón peppers

Seasoned green salad

Sauteed vegetables wok