Private party room to rent for children’s, family & friends parties…

Our multipurpose rental room is the perfect option since it is a place conceived, created and equipped to celebrate children’s parties and gatherings with family and friends of all ages, with total privacy, tranquility and comfort.

Room rental has total PRIVACY, you won’t have to share with another people, and you’ll avoid crowds.

In addition, you have total FLEXIBILITY, having the option of bringing your own meal, decoration and entertainment; But if you prefer, we can offer you the best catering, animations and decoration.

Find entertainment and fun FOR ALL AGES since we have an area for the elderly, a children’s area and an kithen area.

You will forget about the problems of space and cleaning after the party.

Private party room
Private party room

Room equipment


Sofa area with 42-inch television with USB socket to connect music devices, television or computer. Football table.


LARGE TWO-FLOOR BALL PIT, chain to hang the piñata and huge blackboards with colored chalk so that children can let their imaginations run wild. MINI FOOTBALL-FIELD. Different ages’ toys. For older people: console with games & board games.

Children party


With tables and chairs for adults and children, and high chairs for babies.
In addition, this area has worktop (cooking is not allowed) with microwave, Nespresso coffee machine, fridge with freezer, and absorbent paper dispenser and a closet for storage. To leave the room clean and tidy, just as you found it, we put at your disposal a broom with dustpan, a cloth, a garbage can and absorbent paper.

Hooks on the walls to hang balloons, garlands or any other decoration you want are provided. It is totally forbidden to stick things on the walls and to use confetti.

  • Smart TV where you can also show your videos and photos – Bluetooth Music Equipment. – Wifi throughout the room
  • Yoga mat material for workshops